Mozilla Hubs Artist in Residence Project - Cosmic Canvas Space Gallery - May 1, 2023

General / 16 March 2024

Being chosen as an artist in residence at Mozilla Hubs was a true honor and a dream come true. From December 2022 to March 2023, I was able to immerse myself in learning world building from the incredible Hubs community. 

We were given the freedom to build any type of world we wanted, and I decided to create the Cosmic Canvas Space Gallery,  an art gallery set in space.  My goal was to create a gallery world featuring easy-to-use media frames, that would allow users who wanted to have their own art show in the gallery to simply be able to drag and drop their images into the frames. 

I created one-eyed alien avatars to go with my world, and a UFO that visitors could travel to from the gallery, where they could watch an alien beaming up and down from a meteor.

The example gallery world is set up with an art show featuring ai art that I created in MidJourney called, "Luminae through Ocularian Eyes" - images featuring strange creatures collected by the Ocularian aliens on their journey to the planet Luminae! 

The Hubs community was exceptionally supportive and proved to be an invaluable resource throughout my residency. In addition to gaining so many new technical skills, engaging with fellow artists, builders, and enthusiasts allowed me to exchange ideas, gain new perspectives, and expand my horizons. I am so grateful to have had this amazing experience and look forward to building more worlds in Mozilla Hubs in the future! 

Visit the Cosmic Canvas Space Gallery and see the example art show, "Luminae through Ocularian eyes" (works in VR, Desktop, or Mobile)

Or create your own art show using the empty gallery

UPDATE: Sadly, Mozilla Hubs is shutting down in April 2024, so the world will no longer be available after that time.